Soenen Golfkarton NV was established in 1964 by Mr Louis Soenen-Detilleux. For 20 years it was a renowned supplier of a wide range of cardboard packaging.
In 1980 his grandson, Louis-Philippe Soenen, took over at the helm of this small company. As a recent graduate, he gave the business a new impetus. Investments were made in a number of modern cardboard processing machines, which made it possible to also supply larger customers.

From sheetplant to corrugated board factory

In 1984 a corrugated board machine was purchased. In so doing, the business took a further step towards sector integration, and was no longer dependent on suppliers for cardboard sheets. It was also immediately able to develop its own independent pricing policy.


From 1990 it became clear that the existing company premises and machines constituted a mortgage for further expansion. Further investment urged itself on us. An application was made to significantly expand the operating area. A number of factors (external to the business environment) meant it took until 1997 before we were given the go-ahead. In the meantime, the demands of the market had evolved considerably. The concept of “just in time” had also entered the corrugated board industry. The trend was for the automatic creation of packaging for (major) customers. Well aware of these trends, in 1997 an investment decision was taken and within 18 months the new production unit - one of the largest and possibly the most modern in Europe - was a fact.


In 2003 the corrugated board machine was replaced by two brand-new BHS corrugated board machines that are 2.81 m wide. New applications such as tear tape, perforation, etc. were now an option. To ensure a smooth logistical operation, the Work In Progress (WIP) was also adapted to the new machines.
In the market, the need for high-quality full-colour printing became clear. To meet this need, we invested in a new processing machine: the Bobst Masterflex, a flexo-printing press that delivers high and consistent print quality. This allows printing in up to 7 colours, even if the packaging has a PE coating.
To better serve our customers, we also invested in a Bobst SPO 2000 and two Bobst machines.