We make all manner of boxes:

  • fruit boxes for the AGF sector,
  • removal boxes,
  • American boxes,
  • die-cut boxes.
  • NEW !!! single-pass digital printing machine
    The digital machine is a type of gigantic ink jet printer. We actually no longer need clichés for this machine. The proof sheet is crucial. The limitations of flexo printing disappear for the largest part. It is possible to use pictures and fine graphics in the design and this with stable, steadfast colours. The results of digital printing can cope with the quality of offset printing by the competition. Thanks to the contactless printing , there is almost no chance of having a washboard effect.

Whatever our customer asks for, we can make it.

Our constant concern to deliver an end-product of perfect quality obviously implies a final inspection. Our laboratory continually tests a number of predefined data, including compression value, ECT values, BCT values, and so on.

One or two examples of finished packaging:

One or two examples of finished packaging